Bing SERP Checker

How to use Bing SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Checker?

If you already added your website, just enter your keyword into the below form, select your search location, and then click on the test button. 

Enter a website above to get started.

What is Bing?

Bing is a Search Engine of Microsoft like Google. 

Microsoft Bing focuses more on on-page optimization while Google focuses more on E.A.T. and links.

What is Bing SERP in SEO?

The full form of Bing SERP is Bing Search Engine Results Pages. It helps you to find your website's keyword ranking position on Bing Search Engine.

How to find your keyword position in Bing SERP?

It is very easy to find out your keyword ranking position in Bing Search Result following the below steps. 

Step-1: Enter your website above to get started. If you already add or select your website please skip this stape.

Step-2: Enter the keyword in the keyword box which position you want to know in the Bing SERPs.

Step-3: Select your target location.

Step-4: Finally click on the Test button.

On the result page, your will be able to know your keyword position with your competitor's website list of your keyword with their DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) information.